Florina™ Microplate Reader

FlorinaMicroplate Reader ESA-100 can read micro plates used in Enzyme Linked Immunology Assay (ELISA) for the qualitative and quantitative analysis , which is used widely for immunoassay in clinic lab, blood center, hospital, university, institute or other academic organizations. Below features make ESA-100 stand out in the market:

– Built-in computer with 8” touchscreen display for convenient operation.
– High precision Rail transmission for accurate readings.
– High efficiency: Can read 96 wells in 3 seconds.
– Self-Diagnostics tools for optical path and mechanical movements.
– Multiple testing modes including multi-point calibration, single point calibration, cut-off to operate all kinds of ELISA tests.

Florina™ Microplate Washer

FlorinaMicroplate Washer ESW-100 is used in hospitals and laboratories to wash micro-plate in experiments of ELISA.

– Very low residual volume at <0.7 ul for efficient and stringent washing.
– Specially designed Wash bottle filters to stop sediments from entering tubing ensuring long life for the equipment.
– Innovative design to ensure no clogging of manifolds with efficient pump pressure, thus ensuring trouble-free washing.
– Well-specific programmable washing to minimize operational cost.

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