Sequina Electrolyte Analyzer


Sequina™ Electrolyte Analyzer is based on advanced Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) technology and sensor technology. With the advantages of easy operation and accurate measurement, it is a fast, accurate, convenient and practical clinical instrument. The instrument is intended to be used in hospitals to measure K+, Na+, Cl, Ca2+, Li ions and TCO2 as well as pH values,  AG in samples of whole blood, serum, plasma and urine solution(diluted). This product has multi-parameter functions which can be selected, combined and configured by the user according to the requirements. The instrument has 7 combination types:

Type A:  K+   Na+   Cl-
Type B:  K+   Na+   Cl-   TCO2
Type C:  K+   Na+   Cl-   iCa   nCa   TCa   pH
Type D:  K+   Na+   Cl-   iCa   nCa   TCa   pH   TCO2   AG
Type F:  K+   Na+   Cl-   Li+
Type H:  K+   Na+   Cl-   iCa   nCa   TCa   pH   Li+
Type I:   K+   Na+   Cl-   iCa   nCa   TCa   pH   Li+   TCO2   AG

The below features make Sequina™ stand out in the market:

– Simple 2 Keys based operation
– Sleep mode to reduce reagent consumption
– Built in thermal printer for instant printing
– Individual reagents for optimized usage
– Optional Sample Tray for convenience

Value-Added Features:
– Electric potential tracking and correcting software to ensure stable performance
– Automatically detect and filter tiny bubbles to avoid clog and ensure accurate measurement
– Specialized Flushing technology to avoid blocking and cross contamination
– Up to 20,000 results data storage protection from power failure
– Minimized consumption of reagents to ensure Low Operating costs

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