Sierra Specific Protein Analyzer


Sierra™ Specific Protein Analyzer SPA-100 is an IVD device used in hospitals and laboratories for immunoturbidometry assays. Sierra™ uses infrared optical detection system to automatically detect specific proteins in blood like HbA1C, CrP, Vitamin D etc. The below features make Sierra™ one of the top performing specific protein analyzers of the IVD industry:

Appearance: 5.6 inch LCD touch screen display
Optical system: Infrared , silicon photovoltaic battery
Detection method: Automatic real time detection in the detection chamber
Operation Process: Read card, add specimen, add reagent, test and report result
Control: Smart time control and mixing, automatic blank readings
Calibration method: RFID cards provided with test kits
Test Items: Multi analytes as per availability
HCT calculation and specimen dilution: HCT value of whole blood samples and specimen dilution factor can be input, modified and printed
Printer: Optional external thermal printer to print test results
Scanner: Optional barcode scanner for scanning specimen information

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