Vision and Mission



T&D Diagnostics Canada Pvt, Ltd is a rising player in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry, focusing on growth through a Double Vertical approach. The company places a strong emphasis on leveraging new technologies to provide user-friendly solutions to its customers. As a technology-based company, T&D Diagnostics aims to make the benefits of cutting-edge technologies easily accessible to users.


The specialized services offered by T&D Diagnostics include confirmatory tests for drugs of abuse, catering to the needs of clients in the healthcare and forensic sectors. Additionally, the company provides customized private label services, simplifying complex multi-location tasks for clients and offering them streamlined processes to ease their burden. This personalized approach ensures that clients receive services tailored to their specific requirements while maintaining confidentiality and discretion.


In terms of its product offerings, T&D Diagnostics operates in two main verticals. First, it offers private label and contract manufacturing services to meet the unique needs of clients seeking customized solutions. Second, the company provides manufacturing set-up consultancy, supporting clients in establishing their own manufacturing facilities. Moreover, T&D Diagnostics offers Ready-to-Use branded products, ensuring that labs and hospitals can directly access high-quality products without any concerns about product integrity.


The company takes pride in owning innovative technology platforms and patents, which allows it to offer its business partners groundbreaking and next-level innovations. By combining cutting-edge technology with competitive product offerings, T&D Diagnostics positions itself as a strong competitor in the IVD industry.


The team at T&D Diagnostics consists of experts in various key areas such as Research and Development (R&D), technology platform development, marketing, sales, and production. With each member bringing more than 25 years of expertise in their respective fields, the company ensures it has a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce.


T&D Diagnostics places significant importance on regulatory compliance, ensuring that its operations adhere to the regulations in both Canada and Europe. This commitment to compliance underscores the company’s dedication to quality and safety in its products and services.


T&D Diagnostics Canada Pvt, Ltd is an innovative and customer-centric company, striving to drive growth and excellence in the IVD industry through advanced technologies, competitive products, and a skilled team of professionals.



Our mission is to realize new ideas for screening and confirmation, offer consistently high quality products and serve our clients with not only IVD tests and systems, but also with all information needed to solve the challenges and problems in every market. We believe that a leading supplier not only offers tests with consistently high quality products and very competitive prices but also helps its business partners to realize the dreams and solve the problems in several areas