FOB Rapid Test

FOB Rapid Test

Many diseases can cause hidden blood in the feces. This is also known as Fecal Occult Blood (FOB), Human Occult Blood, or Human Hemoglobin. In the early stages, gastrointestinal problems such as colon cancer, ulcers, polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, and fissures may not show any visible symptoms, only occult blood. Traditional guaiac-based methods lack sensitivity and specificity, and also have diet restrictions prior to testing.

The FOB Rapid Test Cassette (Feces) is a rapid test to qualitatively detect low levels of Fecal Occult Blood. The test uses a double antibody sandwich assay to selectively detect Fecal Occult Blood at 50ng/ml or higher, or 6μg/g feces. In addition, unlike guaiac assays, the accuracy of the test is not affected by the diet of the patients.

Ordering Information

Product Description: FOB Rapid Test
Test Specimen: Feces
Test Format: Dipstick,Cassette
Test Pack: 1T,25T

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