Norovirus, Rotavirus and Adenovirus Combo Rapid Test

Norovirus, Rotavirus and Adenovirus Combo Rapid Test

Noroviruses are a major cause of acute gastroenteritis worldwide, often causing explosive outbreaks in institutions. They are highly contagious, with an inoculum of as few as ten particles being able to cause infection. Transmission occurs through ingesting contaminated food and water and by person-to-person spread.

The ability of Noroviruses to cause outbreaks in institutions has become a major public health issue. Outbreaks of Norovirus infection can be associated with restaurants and institutions as diverse as nursing homes, hospitals and elite sporting camps. Infections in infants, elderly or frail patients can be fatal if left untreated.

Acute diarrhea disease in young children is a major cause of morbidity worldwide and is a leading cause of mortality in developing countries.Rotavirus is the most common agent responsible for acute gastroenteritis, mainly in young children.

In temperate climates, rotavirus infections occur mainly in the winter months. Endemics as well as epidemics affecting some thousand people have been reported.With hospitalized children suffering from acute enteric disease up to 50% of the analyzed specimen were positive for rotavirus.

Research has shown that enteric adenoviruses, primarily Ad40 and Ad41, are a leading cause of diarrhea in many of these children, second only to the rotaviruses.These viral pathogens have been isolated throughout the world, and can cause diarrhea in children year round. Infections are most frequently seen in children less than two years of age, but have been found in patients of all

Further studies indicate that adenoviruses are associated with 4 – 15% of all hospitalized cases of viral gastroenteritis. Rapid and accurate diagnosis of gastroenteritis due to adenovirus is helpful in establishing the etiology of gastroenteritis and related patient management.

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