H-FABP and cTnI Combo Rapid Test

H-FABP and cTnI Combo Rapid Test

H-FABP is a sensitive biomarker for MI and can be detected in the blood within one to three hours of the pain.H-FABP is 20 times more specific to cardiac muscle than myoglobin.

cTnI is exclusively expressed in the myocardium and is thus a highly specific diagnostic marker for cardiac muscle injuries, and cTnI has been universally used as indicator for MI. cTnI remains elevated for 6-10 days, thus providing for a longer period of detection than CK-MB for cardiac injury.

H-FABP measured with troponin shows increased sensitivity of 20.6% over troponin at 3–6 hours following chest pain onset. The effectiveness of using the combination of H-FABP with troponin to diagnose MI within 6 hours is well reported.
Similarly measuring H-FABP in combination with troponin increased the diagnostic accuracy and with a negative predictive value of 98% could be used to identify those not suffering from MI at the early time point of 3–6 hours post chest pain onset.
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Product Description: H-FABP and cTnI Combo Rapid Test
Test Specimen: Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma
Test Format: Cassette
Test Pack: 25T

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